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Crypto projects have earnings but are they created equal?

Updated: Apr 22

Would you prefer receiving 7% fixed for a year or 0.5% variable that could spike up to 50% for a few days but you wouldn't know when that would happen?

There has been a lot of discussion about crypto FAANG projects recently, but they all seem to have missed a crucial differentiator.

The differing quality of those revenue streams.

In our last newsletter, we looked at MakerDAO’s, the biggest crypto project, scaling plan and explored possible revenue, expense and earnings numbers. You can read it here.

In this issue, let’s look at the source of crypto FAANG companies’ revenue streams and who has the best earnings composition no matter the market condition.

After all, FAANGs are supposed to be giants with earnings resilience.

We will find out these FAANG projects are not made equal.

Crypto FAANG Group

First let’s introduce the competing candidates.

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