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Who are the F.A.A.N.G companies of crypto? Part 2 - $100 Billion

Updated: Apr 22

Last week we went through MakerDAO’s revenue and expense numbers. At 18.3 P/E, it is currently valued at a lower P/E multiple than every FAANG company. You can join the Insiders Club to get your hands on a complete analysis here.

What about its future earnings potential?

Good question.

In this week’s newsletter, we will unpack MakerDAO founder Rune Christenson’s controversial “Endgame” plan that aims to scale the market cap of DAI, Maker's stablecoin, from the current $4bil to $100bil in 3 years.

Note: the controversy mostly revolves around who exerts control over which parameters of the ecosystem. You can read the whole plan and ensuing discussion here.

But for our analysis, let's focus on five numbers.

  1. $100 billion

  2. 50%

  3. 3.5%-4.5%

  4. $700 million - $1 billion

  5. 10

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