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How is BlackRock future-proofing its fund management business?

Updated: Apr 15

BlackRock’s USD Institutional Liqudity Digital Fund or BUIDL has been the talk of the financial press recently. As the first fund management product specifically launched on the blockchain by BlackRock to address the needs of the tokenized world that banking, finance and asset management are moving into, it is a watershed moment for the tokenization space and a massive validation for the utility of blockchains.

The realized inflows totalled more than $250mill which blew past the pre-launch target by more than 2.5x less than a week after the launch with 11 investors. Pretty impressive numbers. See the daily transfer volume chart below.

But just how future proof is the fund actually? 

Or put it another way, how is the fund leveraging the power of blockchain, and what is it missing?

The areas we are going to focus on:

  1. Issuance Process

  2. Redemption Process

  3. Liquidity Plugins

  4. Potential Unlocks

Let’s dig in.

Issuance Process

The issuance process in traditional finance is usually a mundane process that very few talk about. So why do we care about it? Because it impacts significantly how much interest accrual an investor loses out.

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