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Mapping Tokenization Industry

Updated: Apr 8

How well do you know of the tokenization industry?

While the newsreel of tokenization seems to be in perpetual motion, I have been hard pressed to find a complete overview of the industry players, transactions and value accrual points.

Last week Binance published a mapping on the industry that arguably not only left out a lot of important participants but also failed to provide a sense of their relative scale. See below.

So I am going to attempt to shine a light on the topic. To do that, I will focus on 2 questions:

  1. Which blockchain and which tokenization platform have the most traction?

  2. How does one blockchain compare with another in terms of the breadth as well as the scope of its tokenization usage?

Of course tokenization is a very broad subject and it can be applied to commercial bank deposits, CBDC and onchain securitization. For the purpose of this post, I will limit our focus to onchain securitization and/or distribution of assets while eschewing other use cases.

In this week’s newsletter, I will provide you with an overview of different blockchain’s tokenization traction record, noteworthy use cases and users.

And in a future newsletter, I shall drill down further to look at different tokenization projects and their adoption track record. Subscribe and stay tuned.

Blockchain Platforms

There are two types of blockchains: permissionless public blockchains and permissioned private blockchains.

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