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When Digital Gets Physical

Updated: Apr 8

While most people think of Bitcoin and its price when hearing the words digital assets or crypto, at Crypto Adoption Curve, I have always preferred to pay attention to underlying adoption trends and their implications for value creation and capture in commercial applications.

For example, I covered the recent technological advances underpinning the distributed ledger system and the competing paths they have created that would decide where trillions of digital assets go. You can read more here.

Of course there is also the tokenization of capital markets, which I talk about daily here

But there is also a trend that has been flying under the radar of many VCs, finance professionals and digital asset practitioners: DePIN. 

Chart below offers a comprehensive but non-exhaustive mapping for this emerging market.

In this Insider Club exclusive newsletter, we will dive into the DePIN corner of the digital asset space. The two most interesting features it has include:

  1. Proven markets of significant size in the offchain world encompassing global compute, AI, cloud storage infrastructures

  2. Seen substantial growth recently across usage and revenue metrics

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